Image: Mai Siam

Green Curry Paste

Nam Prik Kang Khiew Waan

Thai Green Curry originates from the Central region of Thailand; it evolved after the introduction of chillies to the central region of Thailand during the late 16th century. Thai Green Curry is internationally recognised and is the most popular Thai dish outside of Thailand to date. This authentic paste is delightfully aromatic with spices that are authentically Thai. Being full of flavours, Mai Siam Green Curry is quick and easy to use with poultry, beef or seafood and is best served with steamed Thai Jasmine rice.

Contains: Shrimp Paste (crustacean)
Vegetarians Not Suitable
Vegan Not Suitable
Gluten (cereals) No
Crustaceae No
Egg No
Fish No
Milk No
Molluscs No
Peanuts No
Sesame No
Soy No
Sulphites No
Nuts No
Celery No
Mustard Seed No
Lupins No

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