Image: Mai Siam


Maa Kheua Yao


Thai aubergines (Maa Kheua Praw) are light green, round, about the size of a golf ball. This heavily seeded variety can be eaten raw in a salad but is usually added to curries where they are a suitable vehicle to absorb the wonderful flavours in the sauce. They discolour quickly and should be cut immediately before going into the pot. However, when preparing, a teaspoon of salt in the soaking water should prevent discolouration.

Another variety of aubergine used in Thai cooking is the pea aubergine (Maa Kheua Puang). These bitter pea size aubergines are added to curries to counteract the richness of coconut. It is also an ingredient of Nam Prik, a dish of ground chillies, shrimp paste and fish.

The long, mauve or purple oriental variety found in our stores and some supermarkets have a subtle, creamy consistency when cooked. They can be peeled and are very good in Chinese stirfries and casseroles. These aubergines, known as Ping Tung are also used in Japanese Tempura.

Purple aubergines (Maa Kheua Yao), sometimes known as Black Beauty aubergines are the variety found in most supermarkets. Also used in Continental cuisine, they have a tougher skin and are slightly bitter. Sprinkling sliced aubergines with salt draws out some of the bitterness and moisture. Remember to rinse and dry aubergines prepared in this way before use.

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